Wrapkote Live Pressure Kits


Wrapkote Live Pressure Kit £95.10 - £334.02

With these WRAS approved kits, permanent repairs can be made to leaks whilst the pressure in the pipe is live and cannot be completely turned off and isolated. Repairs would usually be expected to be completed and secured in about half an hour, greatly reducing any production down times or other potentially expensive stoppages. This kit can be used underwater and is suitable for use on all metal pipes, and various types of plastics, PVC, concrete, fibreglass etc.



  • Use for pipe size up to 400MM
  • Use for pressures up to 450psi
  • Resistant up to 240°C
  • WRAS Approved
  • Professional Use



  • Each kit is designed for a specific pipe diameter, this table shows the different kit sizes.
  • Selecting the correct kit size is important and can be confirmed using the Tape Size chart on Wrapkote PR504 Technical Data Sheets.
  • All kits contain disposable gloves, instructions & a plastic tub.

Kit Pipe Size Contents Contents Contents
Live Pressure 100 Up to 100MM 4 x Wrapkote PR504 (50MM x 1.8M) WrapkoteSG527 (125GM) Wrapkote ET999 (24MM x 3M)
Live Pressure 200 Up to 200MM 4 x Wrapkote PR504 (50MM x 3.6M) Wrapkote SG527 (125GM) Wrapkote ET999 (24MM x 3M)
Live Pressure 300 Up to 300MM 4 x Wrapkote PR504 (75MM x 3.6M) Wrapkote SG527 (125GM) Wrapkote ET999 (24MM x 3M)
Live Pressure 400 Up to 400MM 4 x Wrapkote PR504 (100MM x 3.6M) Wrapkote SG527 (125GM) Wrapkote ET999 (50MM x 11M)

The Wrapkote Live Pressure 100 Kit


Pricing: contact us for discounts on multiple kits

  • Live Pressure 100 Kit: £95.10
  • Live Pressure 200 Kit: £155.10
  • Live Pressure 300 Kit: £215.10
  • Live Pressure 400 Kit: £334.02



A WRAS approved high performance, rapid curing moisture triggered urethane impregnated bandage, specifically developed for the repair of leaking pipes, which is activated by immersion in water.

A WRAS approved two component repair material in stick form which cures rapidly at room temperature after mixing, even under water. It is a metal repair adhesive which develops high mechanical strength in a short period of time.

Produced from a specially formulated high-performance rectangular silicone rubber that will form an irreversible bond to provide an isolative barrier that is resistant to moisture, oxygen, ozone and corona over a wide temperature range.