Pipe Coatings

Corroless ACO Weldcoat (formerly Acothane Weldcoat)


£200.00 / 10 x 1LT

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Corroless ACO Weldcoat is a highly specialised, high-build, solvent free, two pack polyurethane coating designed for brush application to pipe girth welds. Use for complete corrosion protection in water immersion, soil burial or atmospheric exposure conditions for pipe girth welds. It has rapid drying and curing characteristics, allowing early completion of coating to recommended film thicknesses.

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  • Grey
  • Cream

Unit Size:

  • 1L


  • Approx. 1M² at 1MM

Cure Time:

  • Touch Dry: Approx. 30-45 Minutes at 20°C
  • Hard Dry: Approx. 3 Hours at 20°C

  • External Pipe Protection: GBE/CW6 Part 1
  • BS6920 Factory & Site Application & WRAS Water Fittings Directory
  • BS EN 1029+0 & AWWA C222
  • Malaysian SPAN Approved