Maflowrap FBT

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Maflowrap FBT is a high performance, cold applied waterproof tape manufactured from a non-woven synthetic fabric backing and a layer of rubber modified bitumen adhesive.

The fabric backing provides a surface that will accept industrial paints to match existing structures and resist bitumen bleed through. The fabric is extended beyond the adhesive slightly on both edges to eliminate adhesive
visibility at the overlap. It also offers good conformability for site applications to contoured or complex substrates.

The aggressive adhesive will bond at temperatures as low as 15°C, but is resistant to melting and dripping at up to 70°C. Maflowrap FBT is designed to be an outer layer for

  • Petrolatum Coatings
  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Metal

Unit Size:

  • Width (55MM, 105MM, 155MM, 230MM)
  • Length (15M)