Leaders in Corrosion Prevention and Sealing Technology. The Denso range of products have been used for over 75 years and have a proven track record and we are proud to be the foremost company in this field.

The Denso range comprises of a variety of specialised pipe & structural coatings, marine protection systems, including tapes, brush and spray applied liquid coatings, mastics, primers and sealants based on materials such as petrolatum, butyl rubber bitumen, plastics and epoxy resin. Systems are tailor-made for individual anti-corrosion and sealing problems developed with the realities of an on site application in mind.

We are the largest stockist in the UK for Protal 7300 paint for National Grid projects and a wide range of putties, tapes, primers and pastes for the water industry, ready for delivery (or collection at our Midlands depot)


Application of Denso Systems

P1 Application - The Denso P1 Systemâ„¢ is designed to increase the service life of water pipelines and fittings.

P2 Application - The Denso P2 Systemâ„¢ is designed to increase the service life of water pipelines and fittings.


Liquid Coatings

Denso Protal 7300
A VOC free, 100% solids epoxy coating specially formulated to coat the dry, damp, or wet exterior surfaces of pipelines, structures of other steel surfaces as a result of the environment or atmospheric condensation.

Denso Primer D
A fast-drying primer that maintains surface cleanliness of the pipe prior to tape application.


Mastics & Pastes

Denso Profiling Mastic
A cold applied, self-supporting mastic for moulding around irregular shaped fittings such as mechanical joints and valves to provide a suitable profile for applying anti-corrosion tapes.

Denso Paste
A petrolatum-based compound used for the preparation of metal surfaces, particularly prior to the application of Denso petrolatum tapes.

Densoseal 16A
A no setting, self supporting mastic which may be applied to wet surfaces and will seal ducts and conduits against ingress of gas and water.



Denso Tape
A conformable, cold-applied fabric tape designed to provide excellent corrosion protection of pipes.

Densoclad 50 Tape
A medium duty tape, designed to protect small and medium diameter pipes,welded joints, bends and fittings.

Densoclad 70
A robust heavy-duty tape, designed for protection of medium and large diameter pipes, welded joints, bends and fittings.

A cold applied preformed sealing strip based on bitumen for sealing joints between precast concrete units used for manholes, box culverts, pipes and tunnel segments.