Denso Bore-Wrap

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Denso Bore-Wrap is an Abrasion Resistant Outerwrap (ARO) providing excellent performance against impact, abrasion stresses, and fracture to protect field joint anti-corrosion coatings during pipeline installations in difficult terrain or trenchless installation methods.

Bore-Wrap creates an abrasion resistant, outer layer, protecting pre-approved field joint coatings and pipeline coatings such as Denso Protal 7300, shrink sleeves, 3LPE, 3LPP and FBE.
Denso Bore-Wrap minimises the need for spot repairs or re-pulling pipe due to damage, while providing the best mechanical protection of the underlying field-joint and pipeline coatings.

  • Trenchless Installation
  • Directional Drilling
  • HDD
  • Boring

Unit Sizes:

  • 150MM x 9M
  • 250MM x 6M
  • 250MM x9M