Engineering Repair Materials

HPR Metal Repair Compound 527-M


HPR-527-M Metal Repair Compound is a two-component repair material in stick form which cures rapidly at room temperature after mixing. It is a metal repair adhesive which develops high mechanical strength in a short period of time.

Please read the data sheet for more information.

  • Worn/Damaged Pump Shafts
  • Cracked Pump/Valve Casings
  • Scored Hydraulic Rams
  • Worn Bearing Housings
  • Damaged Flanges
  • Leaking Tank Seams
  • Worn Keyways
  • Cracked Engine Blocks


  • Grey

Unit Size:

  • 0.125KG


  • N/A

Cure Time:

  • Light Loading: Approx. 30 Minutes at 20°C
  • Immersion: Approx. 1 Hour at 20°C

Pot Life:

  • Approx. 5 Minutes at 20°C


  • 0g/L