Premseal™ 100

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Premseal 100™ is designed for internal and external tanking to prevent ingress of water into buildings and to protect building structures such as culverts from the effect of chlorides, sulphates and other contaminates in ground water and soil.

Premseal 100™ is comprised of a tough sheeting of cross-laminated orientated, high-density polyethylene, coated with a strongly adhesive polymer modified bitumen compound. The adhesive surface is protected by a paper interleave which is wider than the membrane for easy release during application. To ensure thorough sealing at overlaps there is a double-sided adhesive strip along the edge covered by a separate interleaving strip.

It is recommended to use Premseal™ Primer in conjunction with this product.

  • Waterproofing Foundation
  • Basements
  • Roofs & Plaza Decks
  • Lift Shafts
  • Pits
  • Carpark Decks
  • Subways


  • Blue
  • Black

Unit Size:

  • 1050MM x 19.05M