Pipe Coatings

Corroless ACO Mastic Rapid Grade (formerly Acothane Rapid Grade)


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Corroless ACO Mastic Rapid Grade is a solvent free, fast curing, two pack polyurethane repair mastic for pipe coatings. It has been developed for use at lower ambient temperatures. For temperatures above 25°C the Corroless ACO Mastic Standard Grade should be used.

Please read the data sheet for more information.

  • Field Joints
  • Repair of Damaged Coatings
  • Filling of Holes & Cracks
  • Steel Pipelines


  • Grey

Unit Size:

  • 250ML


  • Approx. 1M² per L

Cure Time:

  • Touch Dry: Approx. 15 Minutes at 20°C
  • Hard Dry: Approx. 40 Minutes at 20°C
  • Full Cure: Approx. 6 Days at 20°C

  • External Pipe Protection: GBE/CW6 Part 1
  • BS6920 Factory & Site Application & WRAS Water Fittings Directory
  • BS EN 1029+0 & AWWA C222
  • Malaysian SPAN Approved