Approved Training Centre and Wrapping Tape Roadshow

Training Centre

We are delighted to announce, that this year our in-house training centre will be offering FREE training on Denso™ P1 & P2 Systems, and we are expanding the range of systems too, with additional P1 and P2 application training for Serviwrap and Longwrap tapes from Chase Protective Coatings.
Coming soon will be approved Viscotaq application training and Sealid All-in-1 application training.

At Parker James, we are dedicated to offering our clients the best possible service, whether its expert technical advice, ultra-fast delivery, or ongoing project management, we strive to do everything we can to assist our clients/contractors. Our Training Centre is the icing on the cake and we will still be offering FREE, approved application training on Denso™ P1 & P2 Systems. Find out more about the training below...


What will the training involve?

The official training will be completed by ourselves, with help from our colleagues at Denso™, and will be formed up of a theory based session where you will learn a bit about ourselves & Denso™, as well as the in's & out's of the P1 & P2 Systems - the products involved, the difference between the two systems, the benefits of using Denso™ & more.

If that wasn't enough, you'll then get to watch a live demonstration from Denso™, and even apply the system yourself in our Training Workshop. We want to make our training as useful to YOU as possible, so bespoke training on other Denso™ products can easily be arranged.

Training Centre & Wrapping Tape Roadshow


Training Centre & Wrapping Tape Roadshow

What else does the training offer?

As well as gaining a wealth of knowledge about the Denso™ P1 & P2 Systems, you will receive a single point of contact from somebody at Parker James for any future ongoing advice. FREE refreshments too!

Approved Application Training Certificates

Denso Protal 7300
Denso P1 and P2
• Viscotaq
• Sealid All-in-1

Training Centre & Wrapping Tape Roadshow

Wrapping Tape Roadshow

Our new Wrapping Tape Roadshow is up and running and can bring a wide variety of all of the premium wrapping tapes available in the UK, to your site, office or carpark. Ideal for open days or apprenticeship training workshops or industry conferences.
Densoclad, Serviwrap, Sealid All in 1, Viscowrap ST, Denso tape, Viscotaq EZ Wrap, Tapecoat, Maflowrap, Denso Ultraseal.

Training Centre & Wrapping Tape Roadshow

If you have any questions about our Training Centre or Wrapping Tape Roadshow, get in touch