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3M Scotchkote 226N Resin 4G


£400.40 / 30KG

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3M Scotchkote 226N Resin 4G is a one-part, heat curable, thermosetting epoxy coating. It is designed to provide superior performance and adhesion to metal substrates, and to provide excellent cathodic disbonding properties without the use of a chromate pretreatment.

3M Scotchkote 226N Resin 4G, when properly applied, should perform in a satisfactory manner on pipelines operating between 73°C and 110°C. For temperatures between 77°C and 110°C, laboratory tests indicate that the thicker coatings may improve the service capability. It is difficult to accurately predict field performance from laboratory data, due to the wide variation in actual field conditions.

Operating temperature performance depends on the whole system, not only the FBE coating. Soil types, moisture content, temperature and other factors peculiar to the area all influence the coating performance and the upper temperature operating limit.

Please read the data sheet for more information.

  • Pipelines


  • Blue-Green

Unit Size:

  • 30KG

Cure Time:

  • Approx. 30 seconds at 232°C

  • Federal Standard 595B