Designed specifically for pipe crossings for utilities companies, DefendaStrip® is a lightweight, safe & easy-to-install access deterrent. Costing less than half the price of metal alternatives whilst satisfying the HSE requirements for intruder safety, DefendaStrip is a maintenance-free, recyclable solution that will save you time and money.
The strips fit neatly together to form continuous protective runs that can be rapidly deployed as they are, without he need for hot water treatment. A number of large national utilities companies, including Scotia & SGN have chosen DefendaStrip® for their pipes & crossings.

Mixing Tubs
These mixing tubs are made from high grade polypropylene (PP) and can used for mixing the various components of liquid coatings we offer.

HPR Spatulas
These sturdy plastic HPR Spatulas can be used for mixing material (for multiple component coatings) or for the application for some coatings.

These brushes are used for the application of certain liquid coatings, and come in selection of sizes for your preferred application.

Wire Brushes
Wire brushes with strong bristles in a smooth shaped wooden handle, perfect for preparing a pipe prior to Denso P1 & P2 Application.


Nitrile Gloves
Formerly Commercial Black Nitrile, gloves have superior resistance to solvents, oil, grease and hydrocarbons.