Viscotaq™ PVC Outerwrap

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Viscotaq™ PVC Outerwrap is a plasticized polyvinyl chloride sheeting coated on one side with a rubber resin, pressure sensitive adhesive.

Product Features:

  • Easy to apply
  • Conformable
  • Good Impact Resistance
  • Cold-Applied
  • UV-Resistant

  • Mechanical Protection (Viscotaq™ Coatings Systems)
  • Mechanical Protection (Denso™ Petrolatum Tape Systems)

Unit Size:

  • 50MM x 30M (24 rolls per case)
  • 100MM x 30M (12 rolls per case)
  • 150MM x 30M (8 rolls per case)

Coverage (with a 50% overlap)

  • 50MM: 18.58M² per case
  • 100MM: 18.58M² per case
  • 150MM: 18.58M² per case

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