SEALID® All-in-1 Tape

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SEALID® All-in-1 Tape is manufactured using real multi-layer coextrusion. When spirally wrapped on the pipe, the SEALID® All-in-1 Tape coating amalgamates with the connection layer to form a continuously closed hose-type coating of outstanding durability and resistance.
A single wrapping process (50% overlap) is enough to fulfil the requirements of ISO 21809-3 at operating temperatures of up to +70°C (+158°F). The requirements of EN 12068 and DIN 30672 for class C50 are also met with a single wrapping process (67% overlap).
The product can easily be applied by hand or using modern wrapping devices.
SEALID®-Tape is compatible with PE, PP, FBE, PU and bitumen factory coatings.

Unit Sizes.

50MM x 10M
50MM x 20M
100MM x 10M
100MM x 20M
150MM x 20M

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